Deep Blue Dark

It’s been 200 years since fairykind disappeared…

When elite swimmer Hanna Frank—who’s on track to be this summer’s Olympic star—finds a magical stone on the shores of Virginia Beach, she doesn’t expect to trigger a freak tsunami or get swept out to sea. And she doesn’t expect to be trapped in the Otherworld: the hidden realm of magical creatures long believed to be myths and fairy tales. Battered by the storm, Hanna is rescued by a disgruntled selkie named Merrick, who tells her there’s no returning through the magical barrier that protects their land from humans.

With no way home, Hanna embarks on a journey to beg help from the Aes Sidhe, the royal fae who created the barrier. But Hanna’s arrival draws unwanted interest from the island’s inhabitants. Swept up in a world of fairy pleasures and trickeries, of political schemes and danger in every shadow, Hanna risks being trapped in the Otherworld for good. With the help of her ragtag group of magical friends, Hanna must stop the vengeful Autumn Queen from declaring war and survive the dark perils of the ocean to find her own way home again.

DEEP BLUE DARK is the second novel from Grace Dunn.


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Word Count: 103,000

Genre:  Fantasy