Mother of Nightmares

Why do faeries steal human children?

Raised in the cruel Autumn Court by her Queen mother and assassin father, the headstrong sidhe Mab may be the favorite heir of Autumn but she’s grown up knowing she must compete for her mother’s coveted crown. So when the handsome Winter King Finvarra visits for the festival of Samhain, Mab sees an unexpected opportunity to seize power and a crown of her own.

But life in Winter’s frigid mountain is hard for the fiery Mab. She’s better at making enemies than allies, and soon she questions the depth of Finvarra’s feelings. To secure her future and ascend the throne she believes is rightfully hers, Mab betrays old friends and strikes dubious bargains, weaving a haphazard web of deception that threatens the peace between the sidhe Courts. As her schemes spiral out of control, Mab must confront her own changing motives and decide what matters more: a child or a crown?


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Word Count: 50,000

Genre:  Fantasy